3 Tips For Adjusting To Hearing Aids

If you are in the process of getting hearing aids, you need to realize that it is going to take your body some time to adjust to wearing your hearing aids and to using them effectively. Here are three tips that will help you out.

Use Them In A Quiet Room

The first day that you wear your hearing aids outside of your doctor's office, make sure that you start out wearing them in a quiet room. This will allow your brain to adjust to all the new sounds that it is going to be picking up. It may feel a little overwhelming at first, but these sounds should become natural over time. For example, you'll let your brain hear and get used to picking up faint sounds like a car passing by outside or the sound of your air conditioner. 

Start With Just A Few Hours

Since it is going to take your brain a while to adjust to all the sounds that you are hearing is, you may want to start out wearing your hearing aids for just a few hours a day. Each day, gradually increase the amount of time that you are wearing your hearing aids so your ears and brain can gradually adjust to hearing surrounding noises instead of just the loud ones.

Start out by wearing your hearing aids at home, and then gradually start wearing them out in public in situations where there are more sounds. Wearing your hearing aids for an extra half hour or hour a day will allow your body time to gradually adjust and acclimate to using hearing aids.

Limit How Often You Adjust The Volume

It can be tempting to tinker with the volume on your hearing aids a lot when you first get them so that you can hear more comfortable. However, you really shouldn't have to manually adjust your hearing aids that often. Try to wear your hearing aids at the set volume as much as you can and allow your brain to adjust to the level they are set at. You should only adjust your hearing aid manually on a very limited occasions, and when you do turn it up, don't expect your hearing aids to provide you with super hearing that you wouldn't naturally have just by turning them up. 

Remember that adjusting to hearing aids is a process. It will take your brain a while to get used to re-hearing all the noises that it hasn't been able to pick up on due to your hearing loss. If you have any further questions about how to adjust to wearing hearing aids, talk to your audiologist or Desert Knolls Hearing Center.