Understanding The Ways Your Vagina Can Be Injured Or Changed After Birth – And How To Recover

The vagina is a very important part of a woman's body, both for her overall health and for the way it helps her give birth. After giving birth through a vagina, though, it may end up getting damaged or changed in certain ways. Thankfully, it is possible to repair these injuries and cosmetic changes.

Vaginal Birth Is Wonderful...But It Can Be Harmful

Giving birth via the vagina is the natural way to give birth, and it is one that most mothers try to do when they can. However, there are problems that can occur after a vaginal birth. For example, tissue can be torn and cause heavy bleeding that sticks around longer than expected. There may also be discharge that smells bad and is quite thick.

In this case, there may be a problem that could be growing in seriousness. Managing it quickly and effectively is important in order to protect a woman's health. Unfortunately these symptoms may seem small or easy to ignore, causing many women to simply try to bear with it, particularly if it is their first child and they're not sure what to expect.

Even If Not Harmed, It Can Be Altered

While not all women will undergo injury after a vaginal birth, their vagina may be stretched out beyond its initial size. While vaginas are very flexible (they have to be to give birth) and can rebound after a birth, there's a chance that it may be widened for an extended period of time. It's true that pelvic exercises can help, but your vagina may be permanently wider.

Typically, this isn't a major problem for most women. However it may make some more susceptible to yeast infections and other problems, as the opening is larger and harder to clean. Thankfully there are medical options that can help here, such as ThermiVa.

What Is ThermiVa And How Can It Help?

Surgery can be used to narrow a vagina and its passage, but ThermiVa is not surgery. Instead it is a radio-frequency treatment method that sends energy to the damaged area in order to both heal it and narrow it as much as possible. It will heat the issue and cause the body to produce collagen to repair itself in a healthy way.

A typical treatment with ThermiVa takes three applications over three months. It has been highly praised by many women who have gone through it, both for treating serious vaginal injuries and for more cosmetic treatments.

While ThermiVa and other methods like it aren't strictly necessary after giving birth, they can help women who are suffering from pain and other serious health problems associated with their birth. It can also help them narrow their vagina to its original width.