Tired Of Yo-Yo Dieting? Why Medical Weight Loss Plans Can Help

Trying to lose weight on your own can be challenging. Many people try new diets or weight loss methods only to regain the weight (plus more sometimes). Not only can yo-yo dieting make you discouraged about ever reaching and staying at your goal, but it is also hard on your health. 

Here is why you might try medical weight loss to make sure the change is permanent.


Medical weight loss plans are created and supervised by a doctor. When you start, the doctor will assess your personal health level and make recommendations based on your lifestyle and personal health needs. For example, your doctor might recommend exercise to support your weight loss, but might give you a graduated plan based on your joint and cardiovascular health. 


Medical weight loss clinics will schedule regular appointments with you to track your progress. Some patients might even be able to check in daily or every two or three days. This way, there is no time to "fall off the wagon" or let your motivation slip. 

Doctor Support

Medical weight loss plans prescribe dietary changes and exercise, but they also provide medical support for weight loss. Doctors can give medications to help curb appetite, to help you maintain your vitamin levels, and to make sure that your overall health doesn't suffer as you lose weight. Some people use extreme diets to lose weight and these result in health problems because people actually lose muscle mass or bone density due to not getting enough vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients from food. The supplements and medications your doctor gives you can protect your health and even accelerate your weight loss.

Maintenance Plans

One of the reasons why people diet and then gain it all back is because there is no maintenance support. After you lose weight, then what? People slip into their old eating habits and they struggle to keep from packing the pounds back on. Medical weight loss plans still give support during maintenance to help ensure that your weight loss will last the rest of your life. Many people struggle with maintenance because they have never done it before -- with yo-yo dieting, they either know how to restrict food and adhere to reduced caloric intake, or they know how to eat normally. Maintenance is neither of these things, which is why it can be the trickiest part of weight loss. 

You don't have to lose weight on your own. Contact a clinic that offers medical weight loss treatment for men near you to lose the weight for good.