What A Doula Can Do For You

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you may find yourself thinking about both your pregnancy itself and the future birth of your child. If this is your first child, you may also not know much about all of the different options available to you in terms of assistance and care throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth. One of those options that you may be unfamiliar with is a doula. Get to know some of the facts about doulas and what they can do for you and your experience with pregnancy and childbirth. Then, you can better decide if a doula will be the best choice for you. 

Doulas Help You Develop a Childbirth Plan

One of the most important planning steps you will take regarding your pregnancy is developing a childbirth plan. This is a specific outline of what you want to do when the time comes to have your baby. Some people, for example, want water births where they give birth to their baby in a tub of water. Others prefer a more conventional childbirth scenario. 

Doulas can help to explain the different childbirth options available to you and help you to develop and prepare your childbirth plans. They will not necessarily try to influence you one way or the other but will be there for you as a resource and guide if you wish. They have experience with clients who have chosen all different types of birth plans and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. 

Doulas Provide Emotional Support

When you go to a doctor for your pregnancy, you get the medical care you need, of course, but do not necessarily get emotional support. If you are stressed or worried or just need someone to talk to, a doctor is not the place you turn. However, a doula's purpose is to provide you with all types of support throughout your pregnancy and during childbirth. One of the most important things they provide is emotional support. 

When you have questions about how you are feeling, need to go over your plans again, or just need to vent and let your emotions out, your doula is going to be there for you. And they won't just be there for you but also your partner. The second parent can also become overwhelmed and emotional during a pregnancy and need that added support which a doula is there to provide. 

Knowing just a few of the ways a doula can help you through pregnancy and childbirth, you can begin to see the many benefits of having a doula in your life. Call and schedule your initial appointment with a doula as soon as possible to start getting the support you need. Look for local doula program services