4 Things You Can Do To Plan For A Smooth Ambulance Transport

Ambulance transport is a safe and effective way to transport an individual to a medical facility in a non-emergency situation. However, to ensure you get the most from this service, it is important that you plan. Whether your loved one needs to be transported to the hospital, to therapy, or home, learn about some of the steps you should take now to minimize any problems on the day of the transport.

1. Contact the Company Early

Notify the transport company as soon as possible. Ambulance transport services might be limited depending on where you live. This step is especially helpful if the company also provides emergency services, as its non-emergency services might have a limited schedule. Early scheduling reduces the chance that a vehicle is unavailable when you need services. Even if you know your date weeks in advance, it is okay to get on the schedule. 

2. Choose the Right Time

The ambulance will arrive at your request. Make sure the time you select is right for your needs. If you schedule the services too early, your loved one might not be ready when the transport vehicle arrives, and if you schedule a time that is too late, it might be a challenge to arrive at the appointment on time. If you notify the transport company of your appointment time, they can work with you to help you determine the right time for pickup.

3. Enable Easy Access

The transport team that arrives is equipped and trained to safely remove your loved one from their location and into the vehicle safely. However, if there are any obstructions that you can remove before their arrival, it will make the process easier, and keep your loved one more comfortable. For example, if you have a pet in the home, making sure your pet is contained before the team arrives will help. 

4. Collect Insurance Information

You should speak with your loved one and get their insurance information. Depending on the type of insurance that your loved one has, their insurance policy might cover all or a portion of the transport cost. To assist you, the transport company will typically request the policy information at the time of booking to let you know in advance what portion of the transport might be covered so that you can help your loved one plan. 

It is best to keep these tips in mind, while also speaking with someone from the ambulance transport company, as different companies have different guidelines and standards.