What To Expect Once You Return Home After Your Hemorrhoidectomy

If you have been struggling with serious hemorrhoids for a while, you are probably looking forward to your hemorrhoid surgery. Of course, you know there will be some pain involved, but you've already been dealing with pain — and at least with the surgery, the end of the pain will be in sight! However, it's still important to know what to expect once you return home post-surgery.

Rest and Time Off

After hemorrhoid surgery, it is important not to strain your back or abdominal muscles too much. You will also feel a bit tired and drained — this is due to the anesthesia, and it is also because you won't have eaten much in the day leading up to (and the day after) your procedure. It's best to just go with this and rest. Take at least a week off from work to recover. If you have a physically demanding job, take two weeks off. Don't lift anything heavy or go to the gym for about a month. Walk around for some exercise, but stop if you become too uncomfortable. 

Direct Pain Management

There will be some pain during your recovery, but your doctor will give you at least two good ways to manage it. Likely, you will be prescribed an opiate pain reliever to take for a couple of days post-surgery, but due to the addictive nature of opiates, you will need to stop taking these medications soon after. You can then take ibuprofen or naproxen to keep your pain under control.

Another important way to ease the pain is with baths. Your doctor will provide you with or recommend a specialized tub you can fill with water and sit on. This will immerse the area that was operated on. The warm water will soothe the area and clean the incisions. You can do this up to three times per day for pain relief.

Dietary Changes

The other major component of your recovery will be making changes to your diet. You will want to drink lots of water, eat more fiber, and stay away from constipating foods like white bread and bananas for about 2 weeks after your surgery. This will keep your stool softer, so you have less pain with defecation. Your doctor will probably also recommend taking a fiber supplement, such as psyllium husks.

After you get home from your hemorrhoidectomy surgical procedure, you should focus on rest, pain relief, and dietary changes. Before long, you'll be feeling like yourself again!