Types Of Electrical Injuries

Accepting a new job with an industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant as an electrician may introduce you to new working conditions. Expectations may be higher than with smaller companies. The risk of electrical injury may also be higher. For this reason, many industrial complexes now house on-site health clinics for various issues including electrical injury care. Here are some types of electrical injuries your companies on-site health clinic may be able to handle. 

Muscle Injury

One of the most common types of electrical injury is the loss of muscle control. This can happen following severe electrical shock. This muscle injury is not just a loss of control for muscle fatigue. The injury can develop into muscle spasms throughout the body. These spasms can cause muscle cramping and pain. Depending on your location during the electrical shock, you may fall several feet or be thrown back. These falls will also lead to muscle damage, soreness, and possible muscle pulls and pain. 

Thermal Injury

A thermal injury is an injury that may be difficult to avoid. For example, thermal injuries generally are from some sort of spark. This spark is unseen and within the containment of the electrical equipment, appliance, or device. The spark causes heat to generate and that heat can cause the outer lining of the appliance or equipment to become hot. If the spark and heat go unnoticed, it can result in third-degree burns when touched. These burns can lead to severe pain, loss of skin, and the need for immediate attention to help reduce damage and determine if a hospital is necessary.

Electrical Burn Injury

Electrical burns deal directly with the electrical wiring and your body. An electrical burn is caused by the direct contact of a live wire and your body. These types of burns are considered to be the most dangerous and can cause the most extensive injury. The injuries often lead to the need for surgical procedures. Having an on-site health clinic that deals in electrical injury care is vital when it comes to these types of burns and injuries and reducing the damage and pain as soon as possible. 

The company's on-site health clinic may be able to help with emergency electrical injury care. However, you do need to follow up with your primary physician to ensure you do not need further medical treatment. Prescriptions for pain and burns may also be given depending on the severity of your issues. You can ask any questions about sick leave from work or aftercare when you meet with the nurses at the on-site health clinic.