When To See A Women's Healthcare Provider

Many women are unsure when they should see a provider who specializes in women's healthcare services. In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider seeing a healthcare provider who focuses on women's care.

These are just a few of the services a women's healthcare provider can offer.

Routine Gynecological Care

Women's healthcare providers offer a variety of routine services, including pap smears. You should see a provider for a gynecological exam at least once each year, but you may only need a pap smear every few years based on your age and previous exam results.

Family Planning & Contraceptive Supplies

You can also see a gynecologist to get birth control and other helpful supplies that put you in control of the size of your family. You can talk to a provider about getting an IUD, birth control pills, and other services that allow you to determine when you have a child.

Fertility Services

Fertility services are available through a women's healthcare provider to help you determine when you should consider getting help for fertility. You may want to determine if you should consider fertility treatments based on your body's needs and what may happen in the future. Doctors will be able to provide you with science-based advice.

Tubal Sterilization

Are you certain you do not want to have any more children? Do you know that you do not want to have children at all? Tubal sterilization may be the best option for you. A healthcare provider can offer advice about tubal sterilization based on your health and your goals.


If you have ever struggled with issues like incontinence, you may benefit from physical therapy and other options. Urogynecology provided by a women's healthcare provider can offer the security of knowing that your pelvic floor can become stronger with physical therapy and other services.

Menopausal Evaluations

Do you suspect that you are entering menopause? Do you experience the symptoms of menopause but still get your period? A healthcare provider can help you determine where your hormone levels currently rest and what you can do to make life more comfortable as you get closer to menopause.

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Are you ready to get help for some of the problems you may have been worried to speak about? Call a healthcare provider to learn more about women's healthcare solutions no matter the kinds of concerns you are dealing with.