How Health Care Clinics Can Help You Manage Your Child's ADHD

If you have a child with ADHD, managing their condition has likely become a great source of anxiety for you, especially if it's resulting in behavior problems at school and/or at home. Whether or not they are on any medication already, you want to make sure you're doing everything you can. After all, children and youth with ADHD are at an increased risk for certain problems such as anxiety, depression, being bullied, and engaging in high-risk activities. Working with a health care clinic can help you best manage your child's ADHD. Here's why:

Medication Information

If you already have a diagnosis, then your child might already be on medication to manage ADHD. However, you might not feel certain about medication yet or maybe you want to know about alternative options. In any case, working with your health care clinic will help you get the latest information about effective medication. In conversations with other parents or through internet searches, you can find a lot of information, but it's hard to know if it's accurate. A respectable health care clinic can answer a lot of the questions you bring about what medications are legitimate and what new treatment options might be worth trying. They can also walk you through any potential side effects or consequences. If one medication isn't working for you, they will keep working with you to find another solution.

Behavior and Other Therapies 

Whether or not you feel your child should be medicated for ADHD, other therapies can be effective too. Behavior therapy can help not only the child but parents and teachers deal with difficult situations. Older children and youth can participate in psychotherapy to deal with the negative emotions or mood disorders that can accompany ADHD. Some social skills training can help children navigate social situations that ADHD makes extra difficult for them. Family therapy may also be useful for teaching all the members of the family how to deal with the stress that ADHD can cause the whole family. A health care clinic can help you learn more about and start participating in these other therapies.

More Suggestions for Home

Even with medication and therapy, you may still want to take more action at home. A health care clinic can help you know what will be most effective. The practitioners there can let you know what to observe about your child and how to track behaviors, what extracurricular activities are best for children with ADHD, how to organize your home and maintain a regular schedule, and even what dietary changes could help your child's symptoms. All cases of ADHD are unique, so you'll want to work with experts to try a variety of things that could make a difference with your child.

Your child's ADHD doesn't have to control your life. Contact a local health care clinic for more information on children's ADHD management.