How to Be a Healthy Visual Artist

If you are a full-time artist or an art student, you can get so involved in your work that your health can suffer. If you develop a health condition, your creativity and productivity will suffer, so it is important to take care of your health while you build your career. Develop Healthy Habits You know you should eat good food but you end up eating fast foods or junk to survive.

Why Hot And Cold Treatments Are Helpful For Pain And Injuries

Once or twice a week you go in for physical therapy for lower back pain. The therapist puts a heat pack on your back for a few minutes before the therapy and a cold pack on a few minutes after. Besides just feeling good, what are the hot and cold treatments doing? Here is how those procedures help your body and what you need to know to use them yourself at home.

Answering Two Of Your Questions About Medical Imaging Procedures

Modern medical science has dramatically changed the way that doctors practice medicine. With modern technology, exploratory surgeries are far less common because medical imaging devices have undergone a dramatic technological explosion. While these devices have become staples of modern medicine, there are many patients that have never undergone these procedures. Due to this lack of experience, there are a couple of questions that you may need addressed so that you can better understand what to expect from this procedure at an imaging center.

Easy Exercises You Can Do To Rehabilitate At Home

When people think of physical therapy, they think of exercising on machinery or using bulky dumbbells to take care of their muscles. Nevertheless, with some common household items you can strengthen your muscles in between physical therapy visits and get healthier as you are rehabilitating after your surgery. One of the most important things is that you are able to do these exercises within a small confined area: Exercising your upper extremities

Helping A Person During A Seizure

Many people suffer from short seizures that last for just a few minutes and that usually end by themselves without requiring medical intervention. However, some seizures are more severe and can lead to brain damage if not treated soon enough. It is important that you know how to respond when someone around you suffers from a seizure, as your efforts could be life-saving. Typically, anyone suffering from frequent seizures should have an epilepsy care plan, where emergency medication is given to them, and care takers or family members advised on how to administer it in case of an attack.